Our History

The Spinnerstown Hotel has been serving the public since the Summer of 1811, when David Spinner, Jr. obtained a license to operate a tavern at the crossroads of his family’s property. He ran the tavern until 1819, when he was appointed Justice of the Peace for the community, a position that was previously held by the elder David Spinner, a famous potter and craftsman whose creations are today prized as examples of early Pennsylvania German folk art. Although David Spinner, Jr. remained the owner of the property, which he simply called “The Inn,” until his death in 1866, he rented the tavern to a succession of innkeepers throughout his lifetime, including his son, Edwin Spinner, who, in 1857 was the first to name the establishment as the “Spinnerstown Hotel.”

The Spinner family, from which the village of Spinnerstown derived its name, first settled in the area in the mid 18th century when Ulrich Spinner obtained a 153 acre tract of the “Great Swamp,” a sprawling 1,000 acre parcel of land owned by a man named Morris Morris. Mr. Morris received the property in 1720 as a land grant from the estate of William Penn.

From its earliest days as a resting place between Philadelphia and New York in the young America Republic, the Spinnerstown Hotel has retained its charm and position as a community mainstay. Our family purchased the landmark establishment on June 10, 1959 and we are proud to say that we have owned and operated the “Hotel” longer than any of the proprietors that came before us. We hope to continue to welcome you into our friendly atmosphere for many years to come by offering traditional and innovative cuisine, spirits and warm hospitality.

The Dales
Proprietors, The Spinnerstown Hotel