Fresh Additions to our Menu

Fresh additions menu 

Grilled Bison 8oz
root vegetables, celery root puree |
tomato basil couscous | Cùmaro mignonette 34.
Montepulciano • Umani Ronchi ‘Cúmaro’ • Conero, Le Marche, Italy 2011
Ripe plum, black currant with a spiced finish of
black pepper, vanilla and tobacco 12/glass 48/bottle


Foie Gras
pan fried duck liver | cranberry toast | fig jam  9.


Spinach Hummus 
house fried beet chips | pita |cucumbers | carrots  12.


Grilled Moroccan Petite Filet
Vichyssoise (potato leek cream sauce) 16.


Fiesta Dog 
pork belly | cole slaw | fried onions | potato salad  9.  


Chicken Confit Mushroom Ravioli
Moroccan rice | fennel cream sauce | jalapeno pepper coulis  21.  


Grilled Cobia
cucumber and pine nut quinoa | grilled tomato sauce  31.







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